Perfekt för Team Buildings

Vi kan rymma upp till 42 personer samtidigt i 7 unika rum.

Vi kan även rymma upp till 84 personer som ett 3-timmars event.

The Final Exam är nu tillgängligt som ett mobilt Escape Room!
Vi tar äventyret direkt till ert kontor, konferensrum eller event!
Vi transporterar det var som helst i Stockholm, och ordnar en "All-inclusive" upplevelse med vår personal som sköter alla förberedelser och leder spelen.

Upplevelsen kan skräddarsys efter de behov och önskningar ni har.
Vi kan leda så många som  4 spel samtidigt, med upp till 6 personer i varje lag. 
Lagen behöver lösa ett antal pussel och desarmera bomben innan tiden tar slut! Förbättra era kommunikationsfärdigheter och team work, och se vem som klarar sig med mest tid kvar!
Idealt för större grupper om 20 till 100 personer.

Vänta inte - boka denna upplevelse redan i dag!

Skicka ett email till om ni önskar mer information.

Coming Home is a portable game chest that can be taken to any location, conference room or corporate event. It draws players into a captivating story about a long lost traveler who has finally found his way. Seize the opportunity to give your employees an original experience that creates bonds and builds team spirit. The game requires both critical and creative thinking, as well as a keen eye for detail. Treat your employees to a unique and entertaining teambuilding exercise that will improve their communication and decision-making skills, while offering a glimpse of the world from a new perspective. Gameplay lasts for 60 minutes and it can be played by up to 10 people. Your group will be divided into 2 teams trying to unlock two identical game chests at the same time. You will be playing in the same room competing against each other.


You can now book your conference room for your seminars, workshops, or trainings in the heart of Stockholm.

You can book hourly or daily depending on your needs. The conference room is equipped with TV, sound system, whiteboard and WiFi. The room can be furnished in several ways and is ideally suited for events, conferences, workshops, trainings, and presentations. You can also combine with our training and team building activities and catering.

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